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We at MAYESH GROUP would like to welcome you to our newly designed website. We have taken great care to update and improve all of the information on this site and will continue to work aggressively on updating the site to keep you better informed about us and to provide essential information in an easy to use way.

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Our Strengths

  • Passion driven team of professionals.
  • Single point of contact for all your requirements.
  • Quality promise & Value generation.
  • Consistent upgrading of new and upcoming technologies.

Who we are is a unit of Mayesh Web Consulting & Services PVT LTD established in Nov 2014. company eyed to target customers of all category and introduced a new way of IT Services which can give benefits to every person who are referring customers to the website.

Tecknetpro is an IT Services Company worldwide based, provides Managed Information Technology Services in a single window. We have experience and focus on emerging technologies which allows us to use IT compartment and add value for our clients.

We are professional digital interactive expedient. We specialize in projects that combine beautiful attractive design with multi Technology. Our expert team has done all the projects with hard work and knowledge sharing and accomplishes various levels of application.

Today we have expanded our horizon to almost all the areas of IT services, making MCS a total IT solution Company who provides IT Solutions from a single window.

Tie-ups with reputed Organizations & Consortium of Associates, working on diversified fronts, give us an edge over the Competition in the field, in terms of wide range of services that we offer as well as the better cost control that we have.

Our History

We started a small group of freelance working professionals in the field of IT Solution from last 4 years based in Delhi. India. Till now we have successfully developed and delivered around 25+ web projects using various open source technology. Whether you are a Doctor, Architect, Teacher etc or running a business. We provide website solutions on customer's budget.

Today, the four walls of the office and 10 AM to 6 PM are no more a bondage for the employees to execute their job. Work from home and working hour flexibility are among the high drivers of the job market helping the employees to make work-life balance and the organization to grow exponentially globally. Family and health insurance, maternity leaves, paternity leaves, team lunches or even free lunches, team outing and transportation facilities do seem to be the cherry on the cake, however these play a vital role in not only attracting good talent but also keeping them with the organization.

How We Work

At MWCS we follow an overall approach to suit the needs and fulfill the requirements of our clients.

  • Pre-Development Analysis:

    We start by trying to understand the needs of our clients, their objectives and strategies and their target audience. We ask our clients about their requirements and work towards planning to provide solutions to these requirements.

  • Conceptualization:

    Our next step is to involve a team of professionals that help to create a structure and mold a path that can be used to take a course of action.

  • Development & Testing:

    Once the concept has been created, our teams of professionals come together to start the work.

  • Implementation:

    We then begin to closely work with the client in order to ensure that the work done has been smoothly implemented.

Service Locations

Though we are based in New Delhi, our services are not restricted to the Delhi NCR. We offer Our services to all English Speaking Countries around the globe – from USA ,Canada, UK, India to Australia. And we have the highest concentration of clients in the following cities:

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